The Haig spotted on Alan Cross’s top 11

Sitting pretty right at the top. Thanks for the love!


On Salvador Dali…

“Suspended between our own perceptions and these many dream-worlds, their songs enchant as well as perplex…and dislodge us from the common sleep.”

“Compositional cohesion is another aspect which is apparent. These are not patchwork pieces stitched together, rather they meld effortlessly, one form into another, without complication or seemingly being ‘out of place’.”

We are pretty darn proud of this awesome press from Dave Manning on SPOTLIGHT OTTAWA.


Here we go, folks! After 2 and a half years of really slow paced work, we are ready to release our debut full length album upon the world. Sorry that took so long, we promise it won’t take this long next time.

Anyhow, check us out alongside No Mistakes In Space, Elementals, and Destroy Clocks at Mavericks on September 24th. We are so bloody excited to get this out into the open. And wait till you see the format we’ve got together to release it in…

A message from The Haig about consent.

FELLOW HUMANS. Always remember, before you lean in for that kiss, or that butt smack, or that hug or whatever, it is key to make sure said affection is explicitly welcome. Get actual tangible confirmation of this before making physical contact. In grade 9 health class they told us that in court silence is considered consent and that is probably true but it is still bullshit. Remember, only consent is consent, and you best make good and goddamn sure you have it before you lay a finger or a hand or a lip on anybody in such a way that requires it. No matter how tight with them you think you are. To skip this step is greasy af and predatory. Thanks for reading. ❤

tree screen

Here we see a Treawna in her natural habitat, DIYing covers for The Haig’s first vinyl release – a 7″ for our track Turnbull Suit