A Lengthy History of the Haig

(enter Dean and Richard)


“Munge pioneers.”

Dean and Richard met and began playing music together in 2002 as part of metal-grunge fusion band FaceHead. In 2005, that project came to an end. Dean played bass guitar in such other projects as Finger of Knowledge, while Richard pursued a university degree and did quite well at that, I must say. Well it must have been around the autumn of 2010 when Dean approached Richard and was all like “Hey dawg, want to play bass in a band with me?”
This question was indeed a heavy one, because until that time, Dean had only played bass in bands and Richard had only played guitars, and here Dean was pulling the old switcheroo. Both parties agreed to the new arrangement and celebrated over chocolate milk.

(enter Chris)


“Christopher in his natural habitat”

It must have been in the fall of 2011 when we started getting Chris out for regular jams. By this time, Richard and Dean were living under the same roof and had a basement all set up and ready to rock. Dean and Chris shared the same job, and one time on said job, the duo were sent on a mission to Montebello, QC to do some kind of weird AV thing, and during the travel time I dare say that Mr. Davidson had that steering wheel sound like his own personal drum kit to the tune of Green Day’s Dookie, among other classical childhood jams. Well it was love at first hear. At that point, it just kinda seemed like Chris slid into the spot quite seamlessly, indeed.

(enter Treawna)


“Treawna tickles the whites and flashes her brites.”

Not too many months later, it was a steamy new years eve party at a friend of Dean’s and Richard’s, and whomsoever should be in attendance but the wonderful Treawna Harvey. Well whatever the reason, her heart or her shoes, her lowered inhibitions persuaded her to put on some of her homemade jams from her iPod for the enjoyment of the room. At that point, that synth player/singer that Richard and Dean had decided they needed several months earlier seemed to not really be needed anymore. “Hey Treawna, want to come jam with us sometime?”, asked Dean.

And Treawna was like “You bet your ass I do.”

(enter Aaron)

It was early in 2017, our beloved drummer of 5 years parted ways amicably, and the search was on for a fresh new replacement. We were immediately in touch with one Aaron Clark, having previously played with his other band (check out: Auto Racing).


“A craftsman carefully inspects a fresh groovy rhythm”

Initial jams took root swiftly into real jams, and a few short months later we were touring. Aaron is killing it. But don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself!



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  1. Hey guys, my name is Dan and I’m getting in touch on behalf of the mccloskey hotel in chesterville, where I know you have played recently. Hoping you guys would be interested in doing so again and soon. Please contact me as soon as possible at the email provided.
    Thank you

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