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The Haig formed in 2011, a ragtag collection of friends, coworkers, acquaintances. We’ve been building an empire ever since, on a foundation of metamorphic rock.

Metamorphic rock occurs when pre-existing rock types are pressed together under intense heat and pressure – forming profound physical and sonic changes. The original rock types are broken down and transformed using different combinations of the available elements and compounds.

Here at The Haig, we’ve been fusing elements of the heavy and the weird to create something palatably bizarre, patently fresh. Grab a shovel and dig it.

“Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said ‘If you label me, you negate me?’ ”
– Wayne Campbell



We clean up. (Click for hi-res)


Alan Cross – Top 11

“To approach The Haig, one must dismiss all predetermined musical categories. They are categorically – uncategorical.”
– Dave Manning, Spotlight Ottawa

“The Haig have a sound that is not easy to describe, and that’s why we love them. It’s a little bit of ’90s alt-rock/grunge mixed in with a twisted horror film. Their full-throttle rock has taken Ottawa by storm and propelled the band to great heights.”
– Matías Muñoz, Ottawa Showbox

“You can expect a heavy sound, with grunge and synth, vocal harmonies, and tight drumming. Their style blends influences from genres across the spectrum, including grunge, metal, folk, electronic and good ol’ rock ‘n’roll.”
– Adria May, Apt613

“Their sound is beautifully integrated with dark, brooding synths and male/female harmonies. The technical bass and drums backline allows for layers of thick, heavily effected guitar lines that have been crafted with care.”
– Scotty D, RB Magazine



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